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Thank you for allowing Blue Water Kennels to Transport and Board your best companions. We strive to offer a safe and fun environment for our guests and peace of mind for their owners. Now that you have decided to Transport your pet(s) with us, we would like to pass along several tips and requirements:



Our Pick-up and Delivery days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings. The van usually arrives at your door 9:00 to11:00 a.m. There will be NO Transports on Wednesdays, Sundays, and Holidays.


Please call as soon as possible. The van may already be full and unable to pick-up your pet. The earlier you call, the better your chances are of a Transport being available on your requested date.


When you call for an appointment, the receptionist will -- schedule your appointment, take your contact information (including the current visit's emergency contact phone number), give you the individual fees upon request (depending upon your options and length of stay), and verify current vaccinations >> an official veterinary copy must be on record or faxed to our office PRIOR to the Transport date! (see Important Vaccine and Health Requirements). Please discuss any special considerations with the receptionist when making your appointment. Any further changes or information may also be considered and recorded when the driver arrives for Pick-up.


At Transport Pick-up, our driver will offer a printed estimate of all the services requested when the reservation was made. Any further changes may be considered and recorded on these copies at that time.The owner or authorized representative must be present when the pet is picked-up unless special accommodations have been authorized prior to pick-up. A contract form (updated and signed yearly) is required for all clients. A letter authorizing a relative or friend to act as the owner's representative may also be required.


For the safety of your pet, someone should be present to accept the pet at Transport Delivery and then be able to take care of paying the invoice (unless pre-paid). Any special considerations must be prearranged!  Changes or special arrangements are handled by the office when the Transport reservation is made or with the receptionist during office hours at least 24 hours prior to your pet's release and Transport Delivery. Failure may result in an inability to complete a Transport and result in the return of the pet to BWK--with additional Transport and boarding fees added to the invoice. 


To help minimize car sickness, please do not feed or water within two hours of pick-up or delivery. Ice chips and only a very small treat are OK. When your pet returns home--wait a while, and then only offer small amounts of food and water at intervals to gradually re-introduce their regular diet. This precaution will help minimize stomache distress due to the excitement of returning home and/or if there has been any changes in diet while boarding.


Please allow enough time and handle paperwork without the pet present during Pick-up and Delivery. This allows a calm, uninterrupted environment while important information is being transferred, minimizes any mistakes, and helps with the safety of your pet.  In addition, it is very helpful if any special instructions are pre-written for our Pick-ups to make the transfer of information (including directions for medications) more efficient and accurate. When the paperwork is completed, your “Good-bye” or “Hello” greetings with your pet can proceed uninterrupted!

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