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Feel free to call during Office Hours and ask about how your pet is doing while you are away.

And please let us know at least 24 hours in advance of any changes in your incoming or outgoing boarding dates.


   Excitement and sudden changes can upset your pet’s stomach. Do not feed or water your pet for two or more hours around travel time -- either before bringing-in or after picking-up. We also recommend giving smaller portions of food and water more frequently for a day or two after returning home to aid in preventing excitement or stress induced vomiting and/or diarrhea. Although we supply a quality kennel diet, many people will bring in their pet’s own food. This may help prevent problems with sudden changes or accommodate a specific diet requirement. Make sure everything is properly labeled and there is sufficient food for the entire time--with some extra!! Please notify our staff about specific feeding amounts, frequency (BWK routinely feeds twice daily), and any other instructions. Food allergies are common, so let us know of any restrictions. Owners may also bring in dog or cat treats and/or choose a selection from our "Special Snack" items. Just think of the excited tail wag or contented purr as your pet enjoys their treats -- a special gift while you are away!     

See about "Guest Selections Menu"



   Many pets are more excited in a kennel situation and may be tired for 1-3 days after their visit. Extremely vocal pets may even lose their "voice" for several days. For very athletic dogs we strongly recommend choosing the additional exercise services once daily or even more frequently. But even some less active dogs or cats may enjoy the one-on-one time with our Kennel Staff several times during their visit (or even daily).

Ask about our: "Extra Exercise Options" and tell the staff how often you would like your dog to enjoy free-run and play in the Playground or a quiet Leash Walk around the property. Or ask about our Quiet Time PRT (Pats, Rubs, and Treats): "a hands-on loving" for any pet but especially the senior dog or other dogs on exercise restrictions. For our special cat guests PRT includes interactive playtime.

See about "Guest Selections Menu"


   Just like for camping and other sleep-aways -- Put your (and your pet's) name on it! Many owners bring food, bedding, treats, medications, etc. We encourage bringing a few of your pet’s belongings. A familiar object or toy carries the scent of home and can be very comforting. Bedding or blankets are also acceptable but must be washable and able to fit in a standard home-size washing machine.

For your pet's comfort >> BWK offers our own comfortable sleeping platforms, fleece mats, and blankets.

CAUTION — Owner's should select toys and bedding with care. Pets may damage or destroy these items at any time in their visit. Choose toys or treats that do not pose a choking hazard (be careful with small items and rawhide!). We cannot be responsible for articles which may be lost, damaged, or eaten (including those articles or loose pieces that can cause breathing or intestinal obstructions). As soon as we see a problem we will remove the offending article but we cannot guarantee their condition or even their return.



    Grooming is available to boarders and non-boarders alike. But what better time to fit in routine grooming or "freshening-up" than while your pet is already here for boarding. Many owners request a bath (an additional service fee; price depends upon size and haircoat condition) before their dog or cat ends their visit**.  Baths, if requested, are routinely given the day before going home in order to be able to accommodate everyone. But if you request a bath on the day of release, please give us a pick-up time after 11:00am. Those requesting trimming options should contact BWK’s groomer about specifics. If fleas are observed, pets will be required to be bathed using a flea/ pesticide shampoo (at additional cost). NOTE: Flea baths kill the pests on your dog or cat but do nothing for the environment. Owners should continue regular treatments at home or the problem will come back! Ask your veterinarian about recommendations.

** REMEMBER: if you must change your boarding out-going date and have requested grooming, please call 36-48 hours prior  (if at all possible) so we are able to change the outgoing bath date or we may have to repeat the baths at additional cost.

See about "Grooming"


   Any health concerns or current issues should be brought to our staff’s attention. We will give medications to all well behaved pets at no extra charge (including insulin injections in stabilized** diabetics). All medications must be properly labeled with: client name, pet name, medication name, dosage (how much and how often), and any other specific instructions. There also should be more than a sufficient amount to cover the whole visit or treatment period! We are careful of your pet's health so written instructions are very helpful.  Medications labeled “to give as needed” require the owner’s explanation of exactly what that means.

[**a stabilized diabetic is otherwise healthy (not acting sick), under routine veterinary care, and has been receiving a specific dose of insulin]

   Please make sure we have your veterinarian’s phone number and an active emergency contact phone number for each boarding visit. This allows us to reach you or an authorized representative in case of questions or problems. Any other care, including medical transport, veterinary services or changes in accommodations will be in the best interest of your pet and have the appropriate additional fees.

 See "Important Vaccine and Health Requirements"


   While all our guests are special, please notify us in advance if your pet has any health issues, is young (between 3-6 months), a “senior citizen”, or petite (less than 6 pounds for dogs). Also let us know if your pet is afraid of storms, is a chewer, is a fence climber or "escape artist", has attitude issues with people or with other pets, or has any other anxieties—special accommodations may be necessary for a more comfortable visit.

   FOR EACH PET--PERSONALIZED CARE. We care about our guests and try to get to know them so we can offer each individual their best experience. Please let us know if you have any special concerns before a visit and any issues after a visit. This information is important so we can determine if we need to modify our arrangements for future appointments. It also helps us learn about each pet so we may accommodate their personal preferences and needs during their visits as well as during their transitions back home.

 >>  Written communication is very helpful for any concerns. This is especially important with more complex instructions (especially with medicationsand/or if more than one person is involved in making the reservations, requesting changes, or dropping-off or picking-up the pets!

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