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  Our spacious, attached indoor and outdoor kennel runs allow your dog freedom to go in and out at leisure. This is especially helpful for nervous or cautious guests and allows a less stressful introduction while your pet acclimates to the kennel and staff. Each dog is separated by cyclone fencing that ensures personal space but allows safe viewing and the fun and company of “neighbors”.

   Raised platforms, fleece pads, and/or blankets are available for your dog's comfort but some owners prefer to bring their own bedding. NOTE: Personal bedding must be washable and able to fit in a standard washing machine. 

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    A central meal preparation area stocks Iams Mini Chunks, Pedigree canned beef or canned chicken. In addition, containers (and refrigerator space) are available for those owners that wish to provide their own food. Please let us know the specific amounts to feed your pet whether it is our diet or your own. Meal time is offered twice daily and plenty of fresh water is always available.

   Multiple exercise areas are in regular use. A fenced-in cement path allows daily time outside each kennel run for the individual guests. For additional activity we suggest the Extra Exercise Options. A fenced-in grass yard called the Playground is available for off-leash fun, whereas Leash Walks are perfect around the manicured lawn and wooded trails.

  In addition we can also offer "Pats, Rubs, and Treats" for our exercise-challenged guests. This "Extra Exercise" option  is best for senior dogs, exercise-restricted dogs, and any other pet that would enjoy and benefit from hands-on personal "cuddle-time" without the impact of moderate to heavy exercise.                     

"We love dogs and cats"


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