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   Housed separately from the dogs, our feline guests are able to view the activity in our office and even the outdoors. Each guest has their own kitty condo with 3 levels--the floor and 2 levels of perches. The floor level includes the litter pan, water and food bowls. The bi-level perches includes a double-wide sleeping platform covered in comfortable fleece at the top level. Solid partitions separate the condos for privacy and give many cats a sense of security. These can be removed when you are boarding multiple cats so our guests can continue to have a family experience while in their own space.

   The meal preparation area stocks Iams Original with Chicken and also a variety of Friskie's canned food. Individual containers on top of each condo are available for

storage of your cat’s own diet (if preferred) and any other belongings.

   Ask about our nightly cat treat--"Bed Time Kitty Snack". Cats really look forward to their late evening visit with a snack of tastey rotissiery chicken and additional crunchy tidbits.

   For social and active cats or those staying for a longer visit we strongly recommend the "Quiet Time Pats, Rubs, and Treats". With this "Exercise" option, each cat has the choice of either inside- or outside-the-condo supervised activity during their 15 minute one-on-one session with a staff member. Depending on the cat, it may include interactive play toys, a catnip treat, and light massage, cuddling, and/or brushing if the cat enjoys contact.


See about our "Guest Selections Menu" for your cat.



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